Okay, so this is where it all begins. I’ve started this website, because I want to write about all of the stuff that I find interesting, intriguing and beautiful in life. I like doing reviews of food, because great food is fascinating, so I’ve done a ton of very thorough food reviews on Google, but why not move the attention away from that place and do my super long reviews here. Very long reviews are not meant for that place anyway.

I like music, I listen to it, I play it, and I write it, Classical, Jazz, Electronic, Death Metal, you name it, and I like it (if it’s good), and I would like to review it cause sometimes music changes your life. We all have the songs we cry to, the songs that picks us up when we’re down, and the songs that are just so beautiful, that we can’t even describe it with words. I listen to a plethora of albums, and when I introduce people to music that changes their lives, I feel like I’ve accomplished something, so I’ll promise to present some of my favorite music here in the hope, that someone get’s an experience that they would not want to be without.

My field of work is theoretical data mining and machine learning, but focusing on that all day, can make you a bit narrow minded, so I won’t write about that here. If you want to look more into my professional work head over to

I like taking photos, especially of nature and things I find beautiful. Some might be posted here. I tried Instagram, but that turned me into a ‘like’ whore – that wasn’t me. So instead of posting pictures of things that are interesting. I started posting pictures of myself, and I can see that my friends are doing the same – simply because it gives more likes, because some people get a mental hard on.  I’ve come to the conclusion, that it’s primarily a place, where you look at people and see if you’re attracted to them, and post images of yourself, and see who’s attracted to you – and that doesn’t get us anywhere only to a place where we’re more self-conscious and less focused on the important parts of our reality – it’s not classy.

When I have a blog post, or a topic I would like to discuss. I’ll do it here, unless it’s professional, then it’ll either be in the form of a blog post on my aforementioned website, on LinkedIn or in scientific papers.

Even though everyone tried to make a social network, where people can express themselves, no one succeeded without ensuring that there was some kind of bias. So that’s why this site was necessary for me. I want to express myself, and it’s all about something as simple as feelings presented through music, experiences, beliefs and dreams.

Hope you’ll keep reading, and that I’ll keep posting.