Piano Compositions

Okay – so as most you have probably come to terms with by now, I’m 100% original retard material. Being a retard means that sometimes I experience melodies appearing in my head – they just start going around. So I started playing them on the piano at probably 1/100 of the complexity and beauty in which they present themselves in my nut, because I suck at playing the piano. But I try to play them, and that goes let’s say less than ideal. Since I am no Mozart, and my instrument of choice is the drum kit, my compositions suck! But they teach me how to play the piano, and they can maybe teach you a thing or two too!
When a piece starts going around in my nut, I simplify it, and find a new technique to include every time, and in this systematic way I am expanding my playapianoability. Being a computer scientist and a very systematic kind of person, this really appeals, to me, and it might appeal to you too! So here I’ll present my shitty compositions which are mostly sad and depressing stuff, and introduce for each of them, the story behind the composition, what it teaches you on the piano and the sheet music aswell.

As of writing I have 7 compositions, that I’m going to share, but it will take time, as I’m rather busy in my work life, and this is just something I do for fun. So please let me know if this helps you out – as I believe that might motivate me ?. When I make a post – it might not be complete (this might however be a wrong strategy), but it will be centered around 1 composition, until that composition is completely covered. So I might start out with posting an audio mixdown of the piece, then add the sheet music, and then add a video of some hands playing the piece on a piano. Later I might add a video of the left hand, and then the right hand, but it might not follow this pattern at all.

If you have any recommendations, or corrections for my sheet music, or my compositions or the way that I play, please let me know, and ship a mail to jonatan@goettcke.com (not jonathan@goettcke.com)