Cover of Pianotic Melancholy
Initial Cover Art – Painted by Kasper Bjørnson

I’m collecting a set of compositions under the name Pianotic Melancholy for a definition of Pianotic see the urbandictionary, it is called Melancholy to describe the general vibe of the compositions. These compositions were made to teach myself how to play the piano. I shared them because I grew up playing piano following the Suzuki method and I didn’t get very far. I was told by my classmates, that playing the piano was “gay”. I don’t know if that was why I stopped or if it was because I was into Metal especially Manson, KoRn, Slipknot and the like, and all these jolly Bach tunes just didn’t interest me much at the time. I hope that I can give a different flavor of intermediate piano pieces with this Melancholic collection. Tutorials on the pieces can be found on their individual blog entries, but they are listed (these will be updated over time).

  1. The End of It
  2. Restless Nights
  3. May Uncomming
  4. Nu Det Jul (Now it’s Christmas)
  5. Not Prokofiev
  6. Not Beethoven
  7. Margrethe Valsen (Margrethe Waltz*)
  8. French Little Thing

I have always been extremely systematic in my approach to learning things, and following the Suzuki method or probably any other piano method, you learn a new piece because it is harder. It is not any different here, but I will explain exactly why this piece is hard, what the prerequisites are, and what you learn from the piece, this should help to keep you motivated!

I hope you will enjoy some of my compositions, feel free to send me a mail, with feedback, if you found this site useful, or if you want to use my music for your content.

Thanks for your time.
Love and Happiness from a generally pretty happy person 🙂


1. The End Of It
3. May Uncoming
4. Nu Det Jul
5. Not Prokofiev
8. French Little Thing