Spaced Pair Cardioid Condenser’s

The first composition, earlier referred to as Composition 1, which should have been titled the Lady with the back, but soon after got the name, That Duck Just Made A Quack”, has now appropriately been called “The End of It”, probably because of it’s position as the first composition, and me starting writing about my compositions (irony).
I’m just writing a short update to the first blog post about composition 1

I talk a lot about microphones, and recording, and basically me not being able to get decent sound

 to make an update on the current mic situation and the process of recording it.
So far I have tried a cardioid condenser microphone with the Steinberg CI 1 interface and using Tracktion – that sounded bad.
I tried the pair of Shure SM57’s in XY position (dynamic condenser microphones) still using Tracktion – I didn’t like it! Also tried the Spaced Pair setup with those microphones – still didn’t like it.
I went back and tested out the SM57’s using my new Steinberg UR-RT2 interface and Cubase – I still didn’t like it!

Then I went back and tried the spaced pair setup you can see in the picture below, and I personally really like this setup.

Spaced Pair setup on a soon to be 150 year old Hornung & Møller piano

This recording is without any mixing (both mics have the same gain), and without any post processing. The file is an mp3 with a 320k bit rate. I will look into post processing at some point, but first I should probably get a better piano (that is in tune).  

The first composition from Pianotic Melancholy
The composition from Pianotic Melancholy “Nu Det Jul” (Now It’s Christmas) but interrupted. I’m told by one of my friends that she has some cake ready in the kitchen, and I’m a little to excited and say “Whaaat” really loudly in a super high pitch only to turn around and play the whole thing over again. Well but the point here is, I really think the sound came out great in this recording.

Un an unrelated note, my mother has ordered me a Shure KSM32 microphone, which I’m looking extremely much forward too! It’s going to be interesting to hear the difference between the cheap AT2020’s and this microphone ?. She’s the best mother, and I’m willing to compete with you, just send me a story of what your mom has done, and mine can top it!

I’m also looking for a new grand piano that can be tuned, has all it’s strings, and sounds a bit better.