The End of It

This post is not meant to say “I don’t want to do this website anymore”, it’s ironically just the name of the first composition.
Here I will gather all the content related to this composition, so at some point it will include :

  1. The melody presented in its entirety played on a good piano
  2. An explanation of what you learn from this composition
  3. A video of the left hand, right hand and the hands together
  4. Sheet music as a Musescore file and a PDF

Real Piano

The End of It

This first version is just a version played correctly, the piano sounds bad, there’s not enough emotion, which is really what carries this piece, so I know it’s shit, but it was my first composition, and the first recorded version I was decently satisfied with. This will be updated later.

Midi Piano

I decided to add a the midi file, since I know there exist programs, that can show you how to play a piece from a midi file.

What do you learn from this composition

All of the first compositions here, will teach a basic left hand concept, and repeat it for awhile, so you really train your finger muscles, and get a feeling for the keys. This composition teaches you two basic chords and splits them into into three notes – tbc

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