French Little Thing

French Little Thing, will be the last track on Pianotic Melancholy.

French Little Thing

It’s a piece that encompasses most of what has been learned during the entire collection of tunes, and also contains the union of the emotional spectrum. It uses the same chords as the other tunes (more or less) and is a step up in difficulty primarily because of the chromatic scale, which has an increasing tempo, and a change from quarter notes to triplets. The bass pattern contains the classic waltz pattern, and the broken chord pattern that was introduced in the first piece “The End of It’’.

This piece was made using samples, with no editing. I used the Keyzone Classic Yamaha Grand Piano, which can be found here.

I added the standard default reverb, which can be found in Waveform 11 (Yes I went back to Waveform). I like the interface better than Cubase.

The title comes from a friend I once had who is quite small and from France. It was one of those unexpected people that comes out of nowhere and fills your entire world for what feels like just a second and then they are gone. And even though it is many years ago now – I often think about what a fantastic person she was, and how she changed me.

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