Restless Nights

Submersion - by Emma Wong
Submersion – by Ella Wong
Restless Nights

First of all I started writing my pieces because I wanted to learn to play the piano, and didn’t feel like playing other peoples pieces. Sitting down on the piano bench and trying to play well known pieces always comes with questions to whether or not you are playing a certain part right or if you are going a bit to fast and so on. The worst part for me was the fact that people know well known pieces and can therefore judge me by how I play them. Furthermore, very often I don’t feel connected to the piece – it doesn’t exactly tell my story or my emotion.

We are all fighting some inner daemons, and my worst enemy has been anxiety which have left me restless night after night. One night where I couldn’t sleep I made this piece to honor that enemy.

As a part of my piano playing journey I put a C-minor in the left hand rocking back and forth – (each of the first piano compositions explores a left hand pattern). The left hand resembles the clock ticking. The right hand guides you through the different stages of falling asleep trying to fall asleep. A moment of calm, and then a sudden bolt of anxiety – which makes you wide awake in just a second.

The key of the piece is G-minor, and the samples come from the free Spitfire Audio Labs VST – using their free Soft Piano. I immediately felt a connection with the artwork chosen for this piece cause it perfectly depicts the feeling of the piece. I was allowed to use the artwork by the artist Ella Wong – which I am very thankful for.

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